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If you don't work the way to repay what walk

At first when applying for loans, nearly everyone's road to approval are accompanied by labels of their work, to enter successfully. But soon that may subsequently, living accumulation of trivia, or "pear" Alexander, emerged the idea of giving up work in the human brain. Now the question is, not walk the road to repaying what continues to play it?
in fact, the moment when we decide to borrow, lending the significance is far more than the loan itself. Not only have opened ahead of the life journey of meaning, and strongly remind ourselves the meaning of hard work. In the real world, this ideological foundations are ubiquitous. Back at first, if you have this idea, easily is not recommended on the road to give up work. After all, gold and silver, also a tub of day, than to the table with a bowl out of money and secure.
After thinking it over, if the heart is still tilted to the left side of the scale, it would simply give yourself a holiday, pick up pen and paper, the calculation is not working, how long current savings can maintain monthly expenses and monthly payments. Meanwhile, if we can find a part-time job to share economic pressure, even better. Wait until the savings are about to burn out, be reinstated, return to the workplace, repayment could still go on the road cautiously.
of course, if based on the family unit, family income may be the food of the mortgage, and may include source housing rent, spouse's income, parents ' pensions and so on. However, if put on the "NEET" hat, probably a long time to come into the mire of relying too much on parents, for a very long time to extricate themselves. If dependent on the spouse, inevitably swallowed gradually out of step with social consequences.
, on the other hand, the income is sustainable, but heavy spending and debt burdens of life, life flavorfully is merely a vision, which would run counter to the loan in the first place--ahead of pleasure. Recommendations intended to abandon the work of so many young, think carefully.